What I dislike about SAFe

Just like our relationships, I suppose?  First we fall in love with all the wonderful things that we’ve been longing for all along. And then, you start seeing the flaws…

As with any framework, it can only be as imperfect as the people using it.  It doesn’t matter how perfect the theory sounds, if it doesn’t work in practice, it’s not very useful.

After all, it’s not the perfection of the theory of the framework that we’re after, but rather the underlying values that drive our interactions in a meaningful way.

Because of the importance of those values and principles, I struggle to convey the message of agile in it’s entirety.

This is not unique to SAFe, but I find that there is more clutter which obscures the new learners from the true character of agile, and what it stands for.  People are fussing and panicking about not missing a step in the hugely choreographed “play”, and they forget to enjoy and smile.  I know it’s not that simple, and that every implementation takes TIME, but I cannot help but question if SAFe is the right approach when starting with an agile transformation.

We forget about the agile manifesto, the values, the principles… The core where it all started.  People start valuing their preparation & analysis over collaboration.  Others cannot keep up, and instead of ensuring that problems get raised they value cloak & dagger over transparency.

Like I said before, this surely happens with every type of agile implementation, sometimes?  I just found that these seem much more prominent in my experience during a SAFe implementation.




Step 2… what I love about SAFe

The one thing which I absolutely LOVE about SAFe, is that at long last, there is an official framework which involves business people.

This may seem like common sense, but I think it’s so often overlooked, as SCRUM is seen as an “IT”thing, especially in bigger organisations.

The most important thing about this, is that those business people understand the importance of their involvement, their dedication and their availability, while still trusting the teams to deliver at the best of their abilities.

Welcome to square one

It’s a new chapter for me in many ways, so I thought it apt to start a new blog. My dream is to share this blog with some of my favourite agile people.

Although I have been a scrum master since 2008, I’ve only just started learning about SAFe.  I’ve never been a fan, but let’s see what I can learn from this.

So far, I can tell you it’s pretty complicated,  seems difficult to coordinate all ceremonies and artifacts,  and it’s incredibly time consuming. 

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.